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Sheboygan County

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Mission Statement

Head Start, a family
   development program,
   empowers children and
   families by providing
   comprehensive services
   as tools for success now
   and in the future.

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Mental Health

Mental Health: Tami Prunick (920) 458-1154 x116

Mental Health in Head Start

  • Mental Health Consultant
    • Head Start has a Mental Health Consultant who makes classroom observations and may consult with teachers on general classroom mental health suggestions and reccomendations.  
    • The Mental Health Consultant will do individual child observations only if parents have given permission for that to occur by signing a Release of Information (ROI).
    • The Mental Health Consultant is available to talk with parents concerning issues they are facing in their lives, the lives of their children or their family.
    • The Mental Health Consultant can support the referral process for treatment or therapy outside of Head Start.
  • Positive Behavior Guidance
    • The Positive Behavior Guidance Policy is used for parents/guardians and Head Start staff to work jointly together to support good social emotional development in all children within the program.
    • Staff use many positive researched-based child guidance techniques including making changes in the environment, routines, and/or expectations to meet the child’s individual needs.
  • Social Emotional Screener
    • After 30 days, the teacher will complete an individual social-emotional assessment tool designed for preschool children
    • The DECA is used.  The DECA screener provides information regarding a child's areas of strength and areas for extra support and that are still developing.
    • Each child is given target areas for the teacher to support in lessons plans to enhance their social emotional development.
  • Behavior plans
    • Behavior plans are developed informally by the teaching staff for supporting each child’s needs or a more formal behavior plan is developed with parents for a child who needs a joint school and home plan.
    • Plans include: preventive techniques, teaching problem solving strategies and takes a pre-emptive look at solving potential problems.
  • Referral Agency
    • We support other agencies and provide information and support to the referral process.
  • Second Step Curriculum
    • Promotes good social-emotional development by teaching children to label and understand feelings, how to problem solve when problems arise and practice in everyday skills
    • This curriculum is worked into the weekly lesson plans
  • Talk About Touching Curriculum
    • An anti-abuse program includes lessons on individual safety and how to handle difficult situations a child may find themselves in.
    • This curriculum is worked into the weekly lesson plans