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Sheboygan County

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Mission Statement

Head Start, a family
   development program,
   empowers children and
   families by providing
   comprehensive services
   as tools for success now
   and in the future.

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Transportation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (920)458-1154 x110

Please call the main office at 458-1154 x110 if your child does not need transportation for the day.
If your child is sick-please state the symptoms of your child when calling in, messages can be left anytime of the day or night.

The Head Start Transportation Team consists of parents, bus drivers, bus monitors, teachers, and the transportation manager. Each part of the team has certain responsibilities.

o Have your child ready as least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up.
o Walk your child safely to the bus when it arrives and come to the bus to receive your child at drop off.
o Teach your child about bus safety rules.
o Make sure your child’s backpack is labeled.
o Keep the school up to date on all important emergency and health related information.

o The driver is responsible for making sure your child has a safe ride to school and arrives on time.
o Each bus has an evacuation plan in the case of an emergency, which is practiced routinely throughout the year.
o Bus Monitor’s maintain discipline during the trip to and from school.
o The driver and monitor are responsible for making sure the Child Safety Restraint devices are used for all children.
o The driver and/or monitor will have up to date medical and emergency information for each child.
o The bus monitor and driver are responsible to complete a “bus attendance checklist” for each route.
o The bus driver and monitor are responsible to ensure that children are released only to an authorized individual.
o The bus monitor and driver conduct a post trip inspection looking for children or items left on the bus after each trip.

o Teachers (or their designee) are to meet your child at school as they get off the bus and return them to the bus at the end of the day. The bus checklist is used at both times.
o Teachers are to keep in contact with both the parents and transportation staff to communicate problems and successes.
o Teachers assist in teaching the school bus safety rules.
o The transportation manager is responsible to make sure that the Head Start transportation regulations and Head Start polices are enforced.