Head Start

Sheboygan County

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Mission Statement

Head Start, a family
   development program,
   empowers children and
   families by providing
   comprehensive services
   as tools for success now
   and in the future.

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Volunteering: John Ashenmacher (920)458-1154 x128

  • Head Start/Early Head Start receives monetary credit for your time.  We must receive a 20% match of our federal grant in local In-Kind.  What is In-Kind?  In-Kind is another word for donations.  In-Kind does not need to be money.  It can be donated time, services and goods, as well as money. 
  • How can parents/volunteers help with In-Kind?  They can volunteer time at the center; volunteer time at parent activities; read and do learning activities at home with children; and donate children’s dress-up clothing, center materials, etc.
  • Any volunteer donating services and/or material goods will receive a receipt for tax purposes if they so request.
  • Volunteers who will be in the classroom on a reugular basis need to set up a volunteer orientation/training time with John Ashenmacher. Volunteering to serve in Head Start classrooms, on Policy Council, and in additional capacities thoroughout the organization can build mentoring relationships, provide reference contacts, and create opportunites that benefit the voluteer and the organization.